Category 30 Days of Prayer 2019


Keep Praying

Celebrating Eid and Continuing to Pray No one will be fasting on the day after Ramadan. Eid-al-Fitr celebrates the end of Ramadan – the Islamic holy month of fasting. The…


Refugees in Europe

Pray for Muslim Refugees in Europe At a detention center in Western Europe, where racism, rejection and the potential for radicalization is common, a couple of chaplains have been facilitating…


Hadhramis of Yemen

Pray for the Hadhrami people of Yemen The Hadhramis come originally from the “Hadhramaut,” which means “valley of death” – the home of Bin Laden and Al Qaeda. This region…


Pray for Jordan

Pray for the 8 million people of Jordan The original inhabitants of Jordan are the nomadic Bedouin people and many of their traditions still shape the culture, such as in…