Pray for Muslims

Ramadan may be over, but 30 Days is still here to equip you to pray!

Read & Pray 2022
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One Month
One Month

Join believers around the world in praying for Muslims during Ramadan.

Be Inspired
Be Inspired

30 Days of stories, images and prayer ideas. Learn, think and pray!

Pray Fervently
Pray with Faith

Pray for Muslims to know the Good News and know true life in Christ.

Learn more about the Muslim world,
the month of Ramadan &
how you can pray.

A Prayer Guide that Inspires

30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World is no ordinary prayer booklet. Filled with photos, maps and stories the booklet will help you learn about, love and pray for Muslim peoples. Join us and pray this April 2 – May 1, 2022! Buy a prayer guide, tell your friends, and help us bring 30 Days to more churches, small groups and families.

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Join us and pray from April 2nd – May 1st, 2022
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