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The History of Ramadan

What Christians should know about the Muslim holy lunar month in Islam, a time of fasting and prayer for 30 days also called Ramazan according to the quaran. Order our prayer booklet to learn more...
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Arabs in the Bible

Muslims are found in literally hundreds of different ethnic groups around the world. Possibly three quarters of the world’s Muslims are not from an Arabic background; however, Mohammed’s Arab lifestyle and cultural background have profoundly influenced Islam.
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Muhammad’s Early Revelations

During his life, Mohammed met many people who were at least nominal Christians. He also learned many religious ideas and customs from Jewish clans that were living in the region of Mecca and Medina.
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Aisha – Mohammed’s Favorite Wife

Aisha is one of the foremost Islamic authorities of the early period. She is reputed to be the source of many sacred traditions about Mohammed (Hadith). When Mohammed was approaching death, he spent his last moments in the company of the 18 year old Aisha and died with his head in her lap. She remained unmarried for the rest of her life (Qur’an 33:53). Aisha died in the year AD 678 at the age of 65 during the month of Ramadan.
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The Shi’a Expectation of the End Times

Shi'a (Shi'ite) Muslims believe in a hidden spiritual guide - called the Hidden Imam (leader) or Mahdi (the one who guides). Shia believe he will return soon along with Jesus. There will be a battle and thw ehole world will submit to Islam. Later there will be a general resurrection of the dead followed by the last judgement. Muslims generally have a strong belief in a future life consisting of a paradise for believers and eternal punishment for unbelievers but their ideas differ very profoundly from Christian belief. Shi’a Muslims generally have a much more concrete and intensive expectation of the end times to come than the Sunnis.
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