Get Involved with 30 Days

30 Days of Prayer is a global volunteer movement. We have no major funding source, no central office, and no paid staff. We are all volunteers who love Muslims and believe in the power of prayer.

Here are a few ways you can get involved in this work.

1. Start a Prayer Group

Something as simple as praying with a few friends can make a huge impact. Some participants pray with a small group daily or a few times per week. Some start virtual groups, where prayer partners don’t meet, but all do commit to pray daily. Want to get involved? Find resources here.

2. Recruit your Church

Are you a pastor or have influence in your church? Consider buying a large number of prayer guides, setting up a display, and reselling (or giving freely) to members of your church? This is a great way to grow your church members’ hearts for the lost and see them grow in faith and love for those of other faiths.

3. Sponsor a Translation

Have funds that you’d like donate to help complete a new or existing translation? We have an urgent need to grow 30 Days in Spanish, Russian and Arabic speaking communities. Want to get involved? Send us your questions.

4. Become a Translator / Distributor

Do you have the vision, passion and energy to translate and/or distribute the 30 Days prayer guide in your language and community? Let’s talk about ways we can bring 30 Days to your country/language, make it better, and see more lives transformed.