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When Faith Changes a Family

17 June 2017 / Day 22 When Faith Changes a Family What are the implications for a Muslim family when one person becomes a follower of Christ, particularly within a culture…

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From Jihad to Jesus

Bashir Mohammed’s Story The New York Times this week carried a great article about a young Syrian man, Bashir Mohammed, who began following Jesus despite the most challenging circumstances. He…

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Night of Power

DAY 28 – JULY 3rd, 2016 The Night of Power – Dream Catchers The 27th night of Ramadan is called Laylat Al Qadr which translates as “Great or Valuable Night”.  It is…

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Seeking God’s Presence

DAY 22 – JUNE 27th, 2016 My Journey: Seeking God’s presence A testimony from a Muslim Background Believer I was born into a Muslim family.  Some of my family members…

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