About us

Our Vision

30 Days inviting Christians to pray with love and respect for Muslim peoples around the world. In doing so we hope to see:

+ Christians gain a better understanding about Muslim people, their faith and their various, diverse cultures.
+ An increase in efforts to respond with love and compassion to the needs of Muslims around the world.
+ A greater interest in Jesus among Muslim peoples.

We do this by hosting an annual prayer event coinciding with Ramadan each year, and creating prayer guide that enable Christians to pray regularly.

Our Beginnings

The 30 Days of Prayer first started back in 1992 as a group of Christian leaders were praying about the Islamic world. God emphasized to them a call to encourage as many Christians as possible to view Muslims peoples through His eyes and pray for them. That was over 30 years ago. And today we continue to pray!

30 Days is planned to coincide with the Islamic month of Ramadan because it is a time when Muslims are praying and this is a great way for Christians to remember to pray. When Christians hear in the media that Ramadan is coming, it reminds them to pray.

We do we pray?

God is at work and actively drawing countless souls
to himself from around the Muslim World.
Would you join Him & pray?

Our Vision

30 Days of Prayer is inviting Christians to pray with love and respect for Muslim families, peoples and nations. In doing so, we hope to see God bless the Muslim World and bring hope, healing and transformation.

Our Partners

We work globally to print, translate and distribute with partner organization like:

Recommendation of 30 Days of Prayer

Here’s what both Christians and Muslims
are saying about 30 Days of Prayer

“I am a Muslim but I respect what you are doing here. I do have to admit that it makes me sad the people leave Islam, but as long as they find God it can never be a bad thing.”

A Muslim Reader
A Muslim Reader

“I have been using the 30 Days of Prayer Muslim Prayer guide in both English and Dutch for many years. This is a wonderful way to meet the real world of Islam and to connect them to the throne of God.”

Brother Andrew, OPEN DOORS
Brother Andrew, OPEN DOORS

“As I read the 30 Days of Prayer article each day and prayed, I began to see Muslims as people whom God loves–people who live, eat, work, learn, suffer, pray, and seek God.”

Diane Nelson, MVC
Diane Nelson, MVC