Month April 2020

Day of Prayer

Pray for the Tablighi Jamaat

With over 80 million members the Tablighi Jamaat (society for spreading faith) is the largest Muslim organization in the world. They are present in over 150 countries, including Ethiopia, South…

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Photo of Derbent, Dagestan | Image by Аль-Гимравий at Wikimedia CC

Pray for Dagestan

Dagestan is a republic of Russia, bordering the east coast of the Caspian Sea, Georgia and Azerbaijan. 95{1ef34f8f1cacfdc6c19f5319e487deec2393c82eacea09a13da7feed1a24e305} of the 2.9 million people of Dagestan are Muslim and they are…

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Pray for Conservative Wahhabi Muslims

Wahhabism is a conservative movement within the Sunni branch of Islam. It was developed in the 18th century in Saudi Arabia by a theologian named Mohamed ibn Abdul Wahhab. The…

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