Category 30 Days of Prayer 2019

Jiayuguan evening market

Uighur Muslims of China

Pray for the heavily persecuted Uighur Muslims of China Our friend and student, Mahmud, invited us to his family home for the Korban festival also known as Eid-al-Adha, remembering Abraham’s…


Pray for Somalis

Pray for the 10 million Somali people of Somalia “Ma nabad baa?”. This is a common Somali greeting, meaning, “Is it peace?”. The Somali people sometimes have a reserved and…


The Saho people

Pray for the Saho people in Eritrea and Ethiopia We are traveling on the border of Ethiopia and Eritrea. The conflict between these two countries began between 2 decades ago…


Pray for Morocco

Pray for those mourning in Morocco The reputation for hospitality in Moroccan culture can be an overwhelming pressure for families. At difficult times, such as when a family member dies,…