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Abuja Street Portrait

Eid al-Fitr

Day 31 – Pray for Muslims during Eid al-Fitr  As Ramadan and the 30 Days of Prayer event draws to a close, don’t stop praying. Or loving. Or building friendships! Muslims…

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Enjoining the mosque

The Power of Symbols

Day 30 – The Power of Symbols As mentioned at the beginning of this guide, meanings and values are deeper than symbols and form a foundation of shared longings. These…

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Photo by Frontiers USA | Used with permission

Sacred Bread

Day 29 – Sacred Bread “I never feel full unless I eat some bread,” a Muslim told Jessica, a Frontiers worker. Bread plays an important part of life in Muslim community…

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Photo by Mar11 via Wikimedia | Creative Commons

The Sylheti People

Day 28 – The Sylheti: A movement to Christ has begun Most of the 11 million Sylheti people live in the Northeast of Bangladesh, in the Sylhet district. Some can…

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Photo by Arthur Deford - Used with permission

The Night of Power

Day 27 – The Night of Power Laylat al Qadr, also known as the Night of Power, celebrates the revelation of the Quran’s first verses to the Islamic prophet Muhammad.…

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