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Dutch Muslim Girl | Photo by Funky Data via Getty and Canva

Day 4 – Pray for Muslims in Europe

Jan and Mohammad share cold drinks and snacks after a football game enjoyed in the welcome early spring sunshine on a Sunday afternoon in the Netherlands. They are part of a community team of young men who…

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Pray for France

25 June 2017 / Day 30 France: Praying for those who persecute you. In recent years, France has been the victim of several bloody terrorist attacks, inspired by Islamic extremism. Some of these attacks have been clearly…

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Muslim Youth in Europe

22 June 2017 / Day 27 Pray for Muslim Youth in Europe A bomb goes off in Paris and ISIS claims responsibility. For conservatively dressed Muslims across Europe once again it will mean stares, taunts, abuse on…

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Muslim Refugees in Sweden

14 June 2017 / Day 19 Muslim Refugees in Sweden In 2015, over 161,000 asylum seekers crossed the border into Sweden – at one point there were 10000 refugees per week entering the country. With a population…

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