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Day 10 – Pray for Indonesia

Anwar cranked up the air conditioning in the car. His family had been sitting in gridlocked traffic for hours now trying to get out of Jakarta. He thought they had left early enough to miss the worst of it,…

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Pray for Banjarmasin, Indonesia

The city of Banjarmasin was founded on 24 September 1526, when an Islamic procession was carried out symbolizing that Islam was officially entering South Kalimantan, a province on the island of Borneo, Indonesia. Ever since then, Islam has been…

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Pray for Jakarta, Indonesia

Jarot is a university student in Jakarta, Indonesia. He came to the capital city from a smaller town in his island nation to study engineering, but he has found it a challenge. He struggles with being so…

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day 27 alt - Bima Mbojo dad and son by Jacques Beaulieu via Flickr CC

Pray for the Mbojo of Indonesia

“Last week, I baptised my own mother!” revealed Shared, a young woman wearing a typical headcover or jilbab. In this small village in the east of the Sumbawa island of Indonesia, a small movement towards faith in…

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Java Pesisir Lor

Day 15 – Java Pesisir Lor of Indonesia Five times a day the call to prayer sounds here in the central region of the island of Java in the country of Indonesia. As the call echoes through…

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