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Day 5 – Pray for Iran

When news broke of the Irani Supreme Court’s decision that it was not a crime to preach Christianity in a house church in Iran, Laleh rejoiced along with the others in her fellowship. However, since she became…

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Group of Irani friends at Malagha Khuzastan by Ninara via Flickr CC

Iran’s house-church movement

Mahnaz nervously rings the apartment buzzer. As she’s quickly ushered in, she sees a few well-worn Bibles and smiles on six familiar faces: she’s in the right place. This small Christian fellowship of new believers meets in…

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Day 18 - Qom City view Flickr CC by mostafa meraji

The Islamic Revolution in Iran

The year 1979 was a significant year for Iran and the entire Muslim world. Widespread social injustices, exiled leaders, Western-oriented politics and religious tumult led to a revolt. The Persian monarchy (installed by US and UK powers…

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