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A Family Fasts

27 May 2017 | Day 1 A Family Fasts I remember the first day that I started fasting. I was only about 7 years old but I was excited to be treated like an adult. Ramadan was…

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The History of Ramadan

What Christians should know about the Muslim holy lunar month in Islam, a time of fasting and prayer for 30 days also called Ramazan according to the quaran. Order our prayer booklet to learn more...
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The Islamic Calendar

Muslims follow the Islamic Lunar Calendar which is 354 days long compared to the western gregorian calendar. Lunar months shift annually. Ramadan is often 30-day
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Praying for Muslims: With Love and Compassion

Every Muslim is someone whom God loves. Some Christians do not pray for Muslims because of prejudices or fears. Let us pray by asking God to give us a heart filled with love and compassion towards Muslims. Pray that Muslims will also understand that God desires for everyone to know Him as children and not as slaves.
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