How Muslims understand Gospel of Barnabas

Most Christians are fairly uninformed about Islamic beliefs. In a similar way, many Muslims do not understand or are ignorant of Christian teaching about Jesus. Most Muslims believe that Jesus (whom they call Sidna Isa) was a remarkably good prophet who was sent to the Jews to bring them back to an Israeli form of Islam. Muslims believe that Islam was the religion which was practised by all the prophets (Abraham, David, Moses, Solomon, Jonah and others). Afterwards their followers corrupted the true faith.

Gospel of Barnabas

Muslims think of Jesus as a prophet who is reputed to have done miracles, but most of them have no knowledge of most of His life and ministry. Jesus is highly honoured by Muslims as a holy man, but is not seen to be divine. In recent times many Muslims have pointed to the so-called Gospel of Barnabas as being a source document about the Muslim Jesus. This document portrays a Jesus who is radically Islamic. Many believe that this so-called Gospel was possibly written around the year 1600 by a Muslim living in Spain. It was certainly not written by the disciple Barnabas who was a contemporary of Paul. (For more information about the Gospel of Barnabas, see the websites: (Christian site: , Muslim site: ).) [In a new window]

Ideas and understanding about Jesus (Isa)

Muslims claim that Jesus did not die on the cross – such a death is considered to be unworthy of such a good prophet. They affirm that Jesus was taken up to heaven without dying. Generally they think that Judas Iscariot was crucified in the place of Jesus, and that God supposedly transformed his face to make him look like Jesus. Judas is seen as being a traitor who received just punishment while Jesus escaped.

Muslims equally affirm that Jesus (Isa) will return to earth from heaven sometime before the end of the world to punish the Jews and Christians for their corruption of religious faith and practice. Eventually Jesus will die a natural death and later be resurrected to be judged with all men during the last days. The Muslim idea of Christ is actually significantly different from the Christ of the Bible.

Gospel of Barnabas Prayer Points

* Muslims need to understand and recognize Jesus as Lord and Saviour, and to see the glory of the risen Lord. Pray for spiritual blindness to be removed (2nd Corinthians 4:1-7).

* Most Muslims have never even had an opportunity to believe because they have never heard enough of the real Gospel to be saved. Ask God to raise up an abundance of ministries to proclaim Christ in a culturally sensitive manner.

* The “Jesus” film has been an excellent means worldwide of helping Muslims learn about Jesus. Pray for a wider distribution of this film in more languages (Rom. 10:14).

* Most Muslims have needs which can only be answered by Jesus Christ. Pray that Muslims might find themselves in situations where they would be encouraged to call upon and believe the Lord Jesus Christ (Rom. 10:8-13). Some remarkable healings and conversions have happened when Muslims call on Jesus as a healer.

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  1. Anisha,
    Why do you think you partner does not believe in Jesus Peace be upon him?? Thats quite incorrect. Muslims belive in the Messiah Jesus son of the Virgin Mary. We believe he was a great prophet sent from God. Like Abraham and Moses Peace be upon them.
    If anything, he follows Jesus more than you do. Tell me my friend: How do you pray? go to the church right?? Yet it clearly states in the Bible that Jesus use to bow and prostrate to God (also a proof that he is not God…If he was who was he praying to? himself?) So you see we pray the way Jesus did…we follow jesus…. Where in the bible does it say sing in church or pray they way modern christians do. It does not even state the symbolism of the cross…How can u pray in a way Man has advised?? not God himself?

    • and one more question: where in Bible does Jesus PBUH calls himself a christian??? and when does he ask people to pray to him and not the Lord?

  2. Dear everyone.
    Yes we believe ?sa didn’t die. Isa (Jesus) will return to earth from heaven before the doomsday which means end of the world that’s right but not to punish Jews or Christians or anyone. He will stop to Deccal ( you call it antichrisht). That is why he will return to Earth. I know it is hard to understand for you and I don’t want to hurt one of you. If I will do that without realizing I am sorry. I will trying to telling you what we believe. He will show a way to Jews and Christians for accept to muhammed as a prophet when Isa (Jesus) returned to Earth .That is all. You already believe in God just like us. Why does he punish you? Because you are praying the Lord and trying to be a good person. No, that is not true. He is not a punisher or something. Qur’an says us ; believe and accept to bible and Torah. Whatever prophets says (Jesus, Moses, Mohammed) you have to accept it as true. It doesn’t matter it is in Bible or Torah. There is a one big difference. God has a no gender. It is not a man. We dont use “he” when we are talking about the God. Because of this Isa (Jesus) is not son of God. He just a prophet like Joseph, David, Noah, Solomon, Jacob, Abraham, Isaac, Samuel..etc… but God gave principles to only three prophets who Moses, ?sa and Mohammed. There is a three big religions as you know and all prenciples about those sent from God. We are praying to God himself, not to any prophet even Mohammed.

  3. Anisha
    we Dont know what is going to happen the next movement , it is all planed and written by God he knows it better then us what we deserves the best , he only wants us to pray and ask him for what he has planed for us.
    I am praying and you also keep praying, m sure God will bless you and your partner ….

    God Bless you Anisha
    ROnie Jacob Joseph

  4. God does listen to every prayer… but finally, Only that is done by Him that is best for us which we too are unaware of… No one care of our happiness better than Him

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