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DAY 18 – JUNE 23rd, 2016

Indo-Malaysia Room

The Indo-Malaysia Room in the House of Islam includes Malaysia, Singapore, the southern Philippines, and Indonesia’s more than 17,000 islands. Indonesia is the largest Muslim country in the world with a population of 250 million, 87 percent of whom are Muslims.

Indo-MalaysiaMapWithData_1024x646In 1870, the first modern movement of Muslims to Christ took place in Indonesia. Then in 1967-1971 Indonesia experienced the largest turning of Muslims to Christ in history, as more than two million Muslims were baptized into Christian churches.

Today, many Muslims in Indo-Malaysia are responding to a simple five-step pathway to Jesus that a man named Mike Shipman adapted from Jesus’ discourse with the Samaritan woman in John 4. Mike calls this five-step approach to sharing the Christian faith, “Any-3: Anyone, Anywhere, Any Time.”

30Days-pray-23jun16Step one of Any-3 is to get connected with a Muslim. Most Muslims in Indo-Malaysia never hear the gospel because they don’t know any Christians. Step two is to welcome a conversation about God. In this region, Muslims love to talk about God. Mike suggests asking your new Muslim friend, “What do you do in your religion to please God?” which is a great starter for a conversation about spiritual things.

Step three involves exploring the results of our efforts to please God and often leads to questions about the assurance of salvation.  Many Muslims accept that we cannot know the will of God or have any confidence that He will save us. Step four looks at the story of Jesus’ death for our eternal life.

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Step five invites your friend to receive salvation through Jesus.  This simple approach to sharing the message of Jesus is easy for new believers to follow and as a result it is spreading throughout Indo-Malaysia and thousands of Muslims have prayed to invite Jesus to be their Savior, and are now following Christ as his disciples.

How to Pray

  • Pray that effective gospel methods such as satellite television, the Jesus Film and Any-3 will continue to spread the gospel across Indo-Malaysia.
  • Pray for the persecution that always accompanies the emerging movements we are seeing in Indo-Malaysia.
  • Pray for Indo-Malaysia’s more than 280 million Muslims in 282 different people groups, many of whom have yet to hear the Good News that Jesus proclaimed.
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