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West Africa

Day 4 – June 9th, 2016

West Africa –  The Importance of Self-Discovery

In the House of Islam, the West Africa Room is a battleground between Muslims in the Sahara, Christians along the coast and a persistent Animism that is seen in both.  For both Muslims and Christians in West Africa, tribal religion is still a huge influence.  They want to know what religion is powerful enough to protect them from the spiritual forces they see around them.

30Days-westafricamap-9jun16Muslims in West Africa are drawn to Christ through different ways. They speak of the vibrancy of Christian communities, the impact of Christian schools, orphanages and community development projects, or the social justice they are looking for which is lived out among Christian communities.  Supporting each of these is the all night prayer meetings which West African Christians are known for.

Many Muslim converts explain that it is understanding for themselves who Christ is that helps them.  The Qur’an can only be truly represented in Arabic, but the Bible is constantly being translated into local languages. Many Muslim-background believers comment, “I do not understand Arabic or the Qur’an. But I understand the Bible.”

When asked, “What do you say about Jesus?” a new Muslim-background believer replied, “The Qur’an says, ‘If you are in doubt, ask the people who were before you.’ I see Jesus as someone who clears my doubt. Jesus is someone who says you cannot come to the Father except through Him. I accept this; He is the truth and the life.”

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Another offered this testimony: “As Muslims, all we did was five memorized prayers. But there was no assurance of heaven. No one could give me a good answer. This is what prompted me to look into who Jesus was.”

Once Muslims encounter Christ, through answered prayers, dreams and their own reading of Scripture, they find a living Lord whom they cannot ignore, and for whom they are willing to give their lives.

Let’s Pray

  • Pray for the emerging movements to Christ in West Africa, that they will grow deep and strong in their new-found faith.
  • Pray for protection from the forces of evil represented in Boko Haram, tribal religion, and social injustice.
  • There are more than 100 million West African Muslims. Pray for those who remain unaware of the reality of Christ in this exceptionally diverse region.
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