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The Komering of Indonesia

24 June 2017 / Day 29

Pray for the Komering

The Komering live in South Sumatra, a province in the south of the Indonesian island of Sumatra.  They live in an area that is swampy, which makes it good for growing the rice that forms the main part of their diet and they tend to dwell along the banks of the Komering river in simple houses, some built on stilts.

Most of the Komering are farmers and fishermen.  They also produce beautiful handicrafts of red and gold fabrics and carved wood furniture.  They are a close-knit group, very focused on providing for their families, caring for their elders and preserving their community.  Poverty is the standard of living for the Komering, who desire to create better lives for their families but face insurmountable challenges such as drought, polluted water and deforestation, all of which impact their ability to provide.

Image by CIFOR via Flickr / Creative Commons

The Komering were introduced to Islam through traders from Malaysia.  While many Komering do not go to the mosque, being Muslim is still an important part of their cultural identity and many practice a form of folk Islam. They are a very straight-forward and outspoken people, making them different culturally from many other people groups in Indonesia who tend to be shy and reluctant to speak their mind. Christians working among them have found that the Komering are hospitable and welcoming to others who demonstrate sincerity and dependability, and they are open to learning more about the way of Jesus.

How to Pray

  • Few Komering children manage to attend school and develop the opportunity to make their way out of poverty. Pray for education options that will enable the Komering to adapt to their changing environment and be able to continue supporting their families.
  • Pray for groups to partner with the Komering to provide employment and help them improve their agricultural production.
  • Pray for Christians working among the Komering to have their same approach of acceptance and directness when it comes to sharing about their faith.
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  1. Thank you so much for sharing these prayer focuses! How interesting these people are! Praying for them…

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