Month May 2018

Photo by LUM3N at Pixabay

Albanians in Switzerland

Day 17 – Albanians in Switzerland A first-generation immigrant, Sharif moved to Switzerland in 1988. Like thousands of young Albanian men, who had flocked to Europe in the 1980s, he arrived…

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Photo by Aleksandra Kossowska | Courtesy of Shutterstock

Libyan Muslims

Day 16 – Pray for Libyan Muslims In Tripoli, Libya, the landscape and people are marked by fighting that has occurred over the past six years. Dilapidated buildings and litter emphasize…

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Java Pesisir Lor

Day 15 – Java Pesisir Lor of Indonesia Five times a day the call to prayer sounds here in the central region of the island of Java in the country…

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Photo by Kay Vogel - Pixabay

Chechens in Berlin

Day 14 – Chechens in Berlin Aslan grew up at the edge of a small Chechen city in the Caucasus mountains. He loved the beautiful, remote mountains, which, for him,…

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