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Libyan Muslims

Day 16 – Pray for Libyan Muslims

In Tripoli, Libya, the landscape and people are marked by fighting that has occurred over the past six years. Dilapidated buildings and litter emphasize the sense of frustration that has grown as the efforts of the revolution to remove an abusive dictator have spiraled into chaos.

Far from the desired outcome they’d hoped for, Libyans are more hopeless than ever before. Although they are a resilient and passionate people, many have been worn down by the destruction of their country in recent years. They were passionate enough to lay down their lives in an attempt for freedom. Yet, at this stage, it is difficult to find someone who has not lost friends or family in the revolution. And many are left wondering if the suffering they’ve faced is worth it.

While Libya’s people seem very religious, is it often the fruit of fear of religious leaders rather than sincere devotion. The void of law and order has created a vacuum which has often been filled by Islamic teaching. Although Libyans proudly believe their nation is 100{1ef34f8f1cacfdc6c19f5319e487deec2393c82eacea09a13da7feed1a24e305} Muslim, there is a small number of Jesus followers who stand firm despite the struggles they face.

Recently, a local man entered a small international church in Tripoli, saying he had heard the bells and wanted to come in. Yet the bells on the church have not worked for years. This was a powerful reminder that God is drawing the people of Libya to Himself.

How to Pray

+ Pray for believers in Libya who face persecution for their faith.

+ Pray for Libyans to be able to establish the nation they dream of, with freedom, peace and prosperity.

+ Hope is powerful. Pray for hope to be restored so that Libya can rise to make their nation a place where the bells can ring again.

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