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Month May 2019

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The Night of Power

Pray for Muslims who spending extra time in prayer on the ‘Night of Power’ Laylat’l-Qadr, known as the Night of Power or Night of Destiny occurs around the 27th day of Ramadan. (By the lunar calendar, this…

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The Turkmen People

Pray for the Turkmen People of Central Asia There are about 8 million Turkmen people, and about 5 million of them live in Turkmenistan in Central Asia. The capital of Turkmenistan, Ashgabat, is filled with beautiful new…

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Muslims in the US

Pray for Muslim immigrants living in the USA As a pastor in the USA, I enjoy praying for Muslims around the world. And also in my own community. Pew Research Center estimates that there are about 3.5…

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Pray for Kohistan

Pray for the people of Kohistan, Pakistan Kohistan means “Land of Mountains” and is an area in Northern Pakistan along the Indus River and its side valleys. About 600,000 Kohistanis are living there, divided into different tribal…

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