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Hadhramis of Yemen

Pray for the Hadhrami people of Yemen

The Hadhramis come originally from the “Hadhramaut,” which means “valley of death” – the home of Bin Laden and Al Qaeda. This region in the eastern part of Yemen is very isolated and they do not have much opportunity to hear the Good News. In this huge Governorate of Hadhramaut one of the most conservative forms of Islam is practiced and many extremists come from there.

As pious Muslims, famous poets and friendly people, they love to serve their guests with their famous, and very expensive, dark acacia honey, dates and other delicious food.

The Hadhrami Bedouins became wealthy, started trading and travelling and many now live across the whole Arabian Peninsula, in Saudi Arabia, Dubai and the Gulf. Hadhrami business people became very influential in spreading Islam in the region and even beyond to East Africa, India and Indonesia.

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Today, because of the ongoing war and famine in Yemen as well as problems with Islamists, business between the rich Gulf States and the Hadhramaut in southeast Yemen has suffered and many Hadhramis have lost their jobs in the Gulf countries. They have started to seek more freedom and looking for solutions to their suffering.

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Hamoudi is an important man in his village; he had a vision of Jesus the Redeemer and started to follow Him as a secret believer. Sharing his new faith has got Hamoudi into trouble, but he continues to follow Jesus, hoping to introduce others to His abundant life.

Ideas for Prayer:

  • Pray for an end to war and violence, famine and cholera plague the nation of Yemen.
  • Pray for the people from the “valley of death” to pursue the hope of abundant life. (John 10:10)
  • Pray that more Hadhrami businessmen would have dreams and visions of Jesus and use their influence to spread the Good News in this region.
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