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Pray for the Deobandi Movement

The Deoband madrasa movement is equipping new leaders across the globe. Islamic seminaries, or madrasas, are places where Muslims study to become mosque leaders, or generally learn more about Islam. Deobandis are Sunni, they don’t necessarily see themselves as a movement within Sunni Islam but may consider themselves the purest Sunni Muslims.

The first Deobandi madrasa started in Deoband, India in 1866. The purpose of the madrassa was to preserve and protect Muslim culture, and they knew that one madrasa would not be enough to accomplish this goal. All graduates are equipped and encouraged to start new mosques or madrasas. There are currently over 100,000 Deobandi madrasas around the world, many in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and surrounding countries.

Men in Deoband India | Photo by 30 Days of Prayer contributor

Over the past forty years Deobandi madrasas have been started in South Africa, Australia, the UK, Canada, Trinidad and Tobago, and the USA. They are all funded by their local Muslim community, and able to adapt their services to their context e.g. teaching in English and answering questions about the Muslim perspective on Christian holidays.

The fact that the first Deobandi madrasa started in a context where Muslims were trying to protect their faith and culture from wider outside influences means that Deobandi madrasas are well positioned to produce new Muslim leaders who will do the same.

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How to Pray

  1. Bless these young Muslim leaders in the name of Jesus, ask that they would seek first the Kingdom of God.
  2. Deobandi madrasas are places of leadership within Muslim communities, ask that they would be places of wisdom, compassion and kindness.
  3. Pray that many leaders within the Deoband madrasa movement join with the Psalmist and say, ‘I long for your precepts; in your righteousness give me life! Let your steadfast love come to me, O Lord, your salvation according to your promise.’ Ps 119:40,41
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  1. The Lord God wll prove His mighty power over all flesh as we continue to pray in Jesus name amen.

  2. Just to let you know that on Day 16 of the booklet we should have been praying for the Deobandi Movement. I just printed that page from your website, so I could pray for them.
    Thought you like to know.

    HIS struggling servant,
    Michael Szelistowski

    • Hi Michael, yes, the Deobandi article was scheduled for May 9th (Day 16). Does your print booklet not have that article in it?

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