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Pray for Multan, Pakistan

Suriya lives in Multan, Pakistan the seventh largest city in the nation. Most of the 2 million inhabitants are Muslim. The city is in the province of Punjab, known as “the land of the five streams”, yet Multan is known for dust, extreme heat, beggars, and the many graves of Sufi saints. Every day countless people make pilgrimages to Rukn-i-Alam, the most famous mausoleum in the city. They hope that their prayers will be answered there.

Like most women in Multan, Suriya belongs to a conservative Muslim family. Although living in a city means that many girls can go to school, parents usually arrange for their daughters to be married at a very young age. When Suriya got married her husband’s family expected her to become pregnant as soon as possible. It was also hoped that she would have a son, as this is considered an honor and quite important in their culture.

But Suriya was childless. Like many other women in her situation, she suffered the contempt of family and society. Her mother-in-law threatened to send her away and get a new wife for her son. Suriya was desperate.

Children watch as aid supplies are loaded aboard helicopters carrying out a humanitarian assistance and flood relief mission in Kohistan valley, Pakistan | Public Domain image via Flickr CC

Eventually, Suriya learned about a clinic run by Christians that treats infertile women. The staff there want to be a testimony of God’s love to their patients. Suriya had a consultation and someone prayed for her. She returned home, comforted, and hopeful. A few months later a miracle happened, and she discovered that she was pregnant!

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Will she remember Jesus, in whose name she was prayed for, and open her heart to Him?

How to Pray

  • Pray for women like Suriya to experience the love and acceptance of Jesus. (1 Corinthians 1:28-29)
  • Pray for health clinics like this to be light and salt in Multan and for Christians to find practical ways to bless their city. (Hebrew 13:16)
  • Pray for those who seek help at the graves of Sufi saints, to have a revelation of Christ and find the help they need. (Psalm 40:1)

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