Month April 2022


Pray for the Shia of Saudi Arabia

The distinction between Sunni Muslims and Shia Muslims is felt keenly in the nation of Saudi Arabia. These two Islamic sects share many of the same beliefs and practices, but they also have significant differences which cause…

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Pray for Ismailis

Ismaili’s are a sect within Shia Islam who follow a living imam (spiritual leader) who is descended from Ali, the cousin and son-in-law of the Prophet Muhammad. They believe these hereditary imams offer moral and spiritual guidance to…

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Pray for the Marsh Arabs of Iraq

Maneuvering his boat with a pole through the canals in the marshes, Abdul makes his way to a secluded hut made of reeds on the water, where his family will eat the fish he caught earlier. Abdul is…

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30 Years of Prayer – and still praying

In 1992 the 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World began. It was a decade when prayer mobilisation was expanding alongside the mobilisation of loving Christian witnesses from all over the world to Muslims. One of the most…

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