Month April 2022


Pray for the Caucasus

Every morning the sun rises over the majestic mountains of the North Caucasus and shines on nearly 7 million people who live between the Black and Caspian Seas. This area – part of Russia just between Ukraine…

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Pray for Central Asia

When 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World was just beginning, Central Asia was cut off from the Gospel, hidden behind firm restrictions on religious and other freedoms. We have included prayer for this region in almost every guide published.…

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Pray for the Akhdam of Yemen

Aisha collects garbage and lives in a city slum in Yemen. She struggles to survive, even though the the marginalized Akhdam have steadily worsened since the beginning of the war in Yemen, years ago. Like many of…

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Pray for the Northern Yemeni

It is hard to think of a more desperate people than the Northern Yemeni people of Yemen. A population of over 13 million, speaking Sanaani Arabic, they are Shia Muslims and one of the largest populations in…

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Pray for the Mehri Tribe

The sun sets on the desert horizon and darkness falls. In the southwest corner of Oman, close to the border of Yemen, a few old men gather to drink coffee and share the news of the day. They…

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