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Pray for Sindh, Pakistan

Mohammad is a 12-year-old Sindh boy living in Karachi, Pakistan. He wakes up every morning before sunrise to perform his fajr prayers before getting ready for school. As he walks to the Islamic school, he listens to recitations from the Quran on his phone, but sometimes he also checks the latest cricket scores. He is a big fan of the Sindh cricket team.

Once he arrives at school, Mohammad greets his classmates and teachers with the traditional salaam before heading to his classroom. There, he spends most of his day studying Arabic, the Quran, and Islamic history and traditions. He is taught Urdu, the national official language, as well as Sindhi, his indigenous language.

The vast majority of the 36 million Sindh people in Pakistan are Muslim, and the province of Sindh is home to many Sufi saints and mystics and has produced a quantity of Sufi poetry and music.

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Children in Kohistan valley, Pakistan

After school, Mohammad plays cricket with friends before evening prayers. His family is devout, and also determined that Mohammad should do well at school so he can go to one of the local universities. Mohammad’s father works at the port in Karachi. Sindh province is mainly an agricultural area, producing cotton, wheat, rice, sugarcane, and more and the port is an important route for export, but he hopes his son will be a doctor or a dentist.

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How to Pray

  • Less than 2% of the population in Pakistan is Christian, so there are few opportunities for Sindhs to hear the gospel from friends or colleagues. Pray that they will encounter the story of Jesus online, in podcasts or other platforms.
  • Pray for the small Christian minority in Sindh to be a light and a blessing to their Muslim neighbours.
  • Pray for the Sindh diaspora to become Christ-followers while studying or working abroad and bring the message of Jesus back to their families.
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