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Pray for the Saharawi of Algeria

Bashir sits in the shade in front of his parents’ house and prepares traditional tea. He lives in one of the Saharawi refugee camps in the desert of southwestern Algeria. He and his compatriots feel forgotten by the world.

After Spain abandoned its colonial occupation of Western Sahara in 1975, Morocco and Mauritania annexed the territory. This led to a long-lasting war that forced thousands and thousands of Saharawis to flee their homeland to Algeria. Around 180,000 Saharawis have been stranded there since 1991 in what has become one of the oldest refugee camps in the world. There is little food, medical care or education. Every day is a struggle for survival.

Saharwaiwomenrefugeecamp Byuncivil Viaflickrcc
Living in the desert, where the climate is harsh and temperatures can reach 50 degrees Celsius, refugees rely on food assistance provided by aid agencies | photo by EU Civil Protection via Flickr CC

Living for so long without a home and without basic needs has led to much despair. The Saharawi’s spiritual situation is also tragic. Like the desert in which they live, their hope has dried up. They have very little opportunity to hear of the God who wants to give them living water. There are hardly any followers of Jesus among the Saharawi and very few workers among this unreached Muslim people group of about 1 million.

How to Pray

  • Pray God will call workers who are willing to work among the Saharawi and together with Him, carry the Living Water to the desert.
  • Pray God will send dreams and visions among the Saharawi, showing Himself as the giver of living water and awakening their thirst for spiritual refreshment.
  • Pray that the few local followers will grow in their faith and witness courageously despite pressure and persecution.
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