Category 30 Days of Prayer 2016


Syrian Refugees

DAY 26 – JULY 1st, 2016 Syrians on an Uncertain Journey Until recently, Syria was a stable, prosperous country. Children went to school and young people on to higher education. Under the rule of Assad religious and…

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The Rohingya

DAY 25 – JUNE 30th, 2016 The Rohingya: A people between worlds The Rohingya people live on the border between the South Asia Room and the Indo-Malaysian Room in the House of Islam.  This location between huge…

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Migrants in the US

DAY 24 – JUNE 29th, 2016 US Migrants – A Global Gateway A World Bank study shows that more than 250 million people today are immigrants.  The most popular destination for immigration is the United States.  Among…

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A Stand Against Extremism

DAY 23 – JUNE 28th, 2016 Luton: A Stand Against Extremism About 40 miles north of London, England lies the city of Luton. Over 25{1ef34f8f1cacfdc6c19f5319e487deec2393c82eacea09a13da7feed1a24e305} of Luton’s 215,000 people are Muslim. Since the 1990’s Luton has rather…

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Seeking God’s Presence

DAY 22 – JUNE 27th, 2016 My Journey: Seeking God’s presence A testimony from a Muslim Background Believer I was born into a Muslim family.  Some of my family members were secular and worldly, and some were…

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