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Migrants in the US

DAY 24 – JUNE 29th, 2016

US Migrants – A Global Gateway

A World Bank study shows that more than 250 million people today are immigrants.  The most popular destination for immigration is the United States.  Among the millions who come to America are some from the world’s least-reached people groups. God is doing a new thing! He has brought the very ends of the earth to the doorstep of one of the most Christian nations on earth. How will they respond?

In 2001, a young missionary named Chris went to Mali, West Africa where he worked in a remote village among the 160,000 Bambara-speaking Wassoulou people. The Muslim Wassoulou had no known Christians or churches. As he learned their language Chris found the Wassoulou to be surprisingly open to him.

30Days-pray-29jun16Unfortunately, Chris became very ill living in the Wassoulou village and was not able to return.  He did not give up, however. On a visit to New York City in 2006, Chris and his wife discovered a Wassoulou community and met Jamal, the first Wassoulou believer Chris had ever found. Jamal told Chris, “I became a follower of Jesus Christ in Mali 22 years ago as a result of dreams about Isa al-Masih (Jesus Christ). When I told my family they threatened to kill me and I eventually escaped to New York City.”

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Then Jamal told him, “For 22 years I have been praying for God to send me a brother to help me reach my people.” Jamal then looked into Chris’s eyes and said, “You are the answer to that prayer.”

A few months later Chris and his family moved to New York. Today there are more than 100 Wassoulou followers of Isa al-Masih. Through Jamal’s connections, doors were opened to the gospel in his village and other Wassoulou villages in Mali, which contributed to the first Wassoulou churches in West Africa.

Find out more about missionaries who work to disciple the ends of the earth in other gateway cities at Global Gates (www.GlobalGates.info)

How to Pray

  • Pray that the millions of unreached immigrants who are leaving their homelands in search of a new life may find New Life in Christ there.
  • Pray that American Christians will reach out to the unreached millions that God is bringing to their shores with love.
  • Pray for churches and ministries like Global Gates that are crossing cultural barriers to engage these unreached people groups that God has brought to our cities.
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