Category 30 Days of Prayer 2021


Pray for Doha, Qatar

While chatting after work one day, David invited Khalid out for coffee at the Doha business where he had recently been transferred from England. Khalid accepted enthusiastically. David was new in Doha, but very friendly, and seemed interested in…

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Pray for Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Samarkand is a beautiful, almost mythical city, made famous as a crossroads on the Silk Road trading route. The city boasts three historic sections: the ancient 7th century city destroyed by Genghis Khan in the 13th century; the medieval city…

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Pray for Yangon, Myanmar

Tourists in Myanmar’s former capital, Yangon, are often impressed with the sight of golden Buddhist pagodas and thousands of monks in red robes. Few visitors notice the many mosques which stand witness to a long and rich…

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A woman walks through the Grand Mosque in Paris, the largest mosque in Paris.

Pray for Paris, France

Paris has one of the largest Muslim populations in Europe. It has a diverse and growing community, largely consisting of immigrants and refugees from former French colonies in North and West Africa. In total, France has about…

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Pray for Kampala, Uganda

Faduma wanders with her basket through the morning crowds of the Somali quarter in Kampala. Every day, she gets up before sunrise to prepare anjero, the traditional flatbread that Somalis eat for breakfast. By selling bread, she tries to provide for her…

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