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30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World – 2 April – 1 May, 2022


Pray for Mozambique

The beautiful tropical country lying on the coast between Tanzania and South Africa is Mozambique. After centuries under Portuguese colonial rule, Mozambique achieved independence in 1975 but fell into a long civil war, which finally ended in the…

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Pray for the Kanuri Manga of Niger

Just under 700,000 Kanuri Manga people live in the east of Niger and far north-east of Nigeria. They are a sub-group of the larger Kanuri tribe and before colonialism they were a very powerful empire. Most of…

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Pray for Growing Relationships

As 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World continued to grow in the 2010’s, Christ’s message of love and reconciliation towards Muslims also gained strength. One man who personified that love was Justin Normand, a 53-year-old man from Dallas. In…

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Pray for the Shabak of Iraq

Hassan has invited his friends for sugar biscuits and sweet tea. But the mood is tense. “The Arabs have driven us out, the Kurds have abandoned us. Who are we supposed to trust anymore?” he asks. Hassan…

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Pray for the Baloch of Pakistan

Anwar sighed as he finished the last of the khaddi kabab – a traditional Baloch dish in which a whole sheep is stuffed with rice, and cooked in an underground fire pit. The sun is setting over the mountains…

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