Category Cultural Issues


Customs and Behavior

Whether you are meeting at an Arab Muslim's home or doing business in a Muslim country, there are certain social graces, customs and behavior which must be understood. Here is a short summary of the key points to keep in mind.
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Ummah / Qibla – Community and direction

The ultimate corporate expression of Muslim community is called "Ummah", an Arabic word meaning "people, generation, or community". For Muslims, the reality of the Ummah is especially experienced during the Muslim pilgrimage or Hajj to Mecca. Remember that there are literally millions of Muslims around the world praying towards Mecca (Qibla).
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The Importance of Arabic Names

Arabic names form the basis of many Muslim names around the world. Many of these names have significance drawn from the Islamic understanding of the God of Abraham. Given names and family names based on the 99 names of God used in Islam are quite common among Muslims from many nationalities.
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