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Muhammad’s Early Revelations

Born in AD 570 in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, Muhammad was a member of the Hashim clan of the powerful Quraysh tribe. During much of Muhammad’s lifetime pagan idol worship abounded in Arabia. An estimated 360 gods and goddesses were adored by the Arabs in Mecca, which was a major centre of trade and idolatry in the region. Muslim historians think that even as a boy Muhammad detested idol worship and lived a morally pure life.

Muhammad is revered by all Muslims as the last and greatest prophet. In Islam, Muhammad is considered the ideal man and final prophet. Muhammad is in no way considered divine, nor is he worshiped (at least, he should not be, although practices differ in each nation), but he is the model for all Muslims concerning how they should conduct themselves. No images of Muhammad are permitted (in order to prevent idolatry). His name actually means “The Praised One.”

Initial Revelations

According to Islamic scholars, at the age of 40, Muhammad began to receive revelations and instruction from the archangel Gabriel (Gibrail in Arabic). These revelations formed the basis of the Qur’an. Muhammad proclaimed that his revelations were the final and superior message from the One Supreme God, although at the beginning Muhammad even doubted that he was a prophet. He banned the worship of idols and established civil and religious order in Medina and eventually Mecca. Muhammad died of natural causes in AD 632 in Medina, Saudi Arabia.

His Relations with Jews and Christians

During his life, Muhammad met many people who were at least nominal Christians. He also learned many religious ideas and customs from Jewish clans that were living in the region of Mecca and Medina. Muhammad’s role as prophet was not accepted by the Jews, leading to serious conflict. Interestingly, Jewish and Christian ideas, practices and history are present in the Qur’an, although they are often quite different.

Muhammad’s non-Qur’anic declarations, his personal habits and actions serve as a guide for all Muslims. The eyewitness accounts and other stories about his life are called Hadiths. The Hadiths help Muslims discern what is good and right.

How to Pray:

  • Pray that many Muslims would come to know that there is another one who is honoured in heaven and earth and who has a name above all names. May millions come to faith in the Messiah (See Acts 4:12, Philippians 2:10).
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      • Hi Always, in a nutshell Christians do not worship 3 gods.
        We worship one God: God who eternally exists as three distinct Persons–the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Stated differently, God is one in essence and three in person.

        These definitions show three crucial truths: (1) The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are distinct Persons, (2) each Person is fully God, (3) there is only one God.who is manifest in 3 ways.

        You might think this seems contradictory. But we see similar realities in the world around us. Take water for instance- water can take three different forms- gas/liquid/solid, but it is still water in all 3. (and Marriage- two people, one flesh/or covenant)

        Christians love the truth of the trinity- because it means when God says ‘God is love’ we can see how it would be possible for this to be true. We only know love in relation to an other/or others, right? God is the same- he knows how love works- because he is in a completely perfect community. We see in Christianity, a love like no other.

        For more go to Desiring God website…. it has great sermons, and texts ( – The sermon ‘Trinity of Persons’ or the article doctrine of the trinity are good places to go!)

        Peace and prayer as you think about this.

    1. #3 Jesus Christ
      Should be below
      #6.St. Paul
      Paul is the cause of much of the misunderstanding christains have about Jesus teachings

    2. well i congratulate my Christian’s brothers and sisters may the LORD our only true God have mercy on us (1 King 8 v 60). and send Jesus Christ to humanity again to tell us his true nature, if we forgot the message of the Gospel (Holy Bible: John 17 v3) (Holy Bible: John 20v17) (Holy Bible:5V30). Thanks. And i encourages all Muslims and myself so hold on with last revelation (Holy Qur’an) the only solution to all creature that believe in one and only true God ALLAH. (Holy Qur’an 2 v 255) TO READ AND DIGEST AND COMPLY WITH (Holy Qur’an 49 V 13). THANKS GOD BLESS BOTH TRUE CHRISTIANS & MUSLIMS.

    3. How is muhammed not a divine messenger? What disqualifies him, is it the face that he preaches pure montheism the worship of one God(Allah whom Arab jews and christians both worship)? Do you not worship one God, the GOD of arbraham, Issac and Jacob.The fact that that pagans and non muslims of the his tribe admitted that he was the most trustworthy and honest amonst the people. So that even when they were at war with they still trusted him with their money as they had no banks back then? This is just one example of his superior qualites.
      Not all Christians believe the the trinity bear in mind that

    4. @sam It doesn’t matter what author, guru, President, Prime Minister, list says, the fact remains that “EVERY KNEE WILL BOW” at the Name of JESUS, not at the name of Mohammed, or Buddha, or St. Paul or the Pope or Mary or anyone else. The fact also remains that no one has done or continues to do as much for humanity as Jesus the Christ. Jesus is still God and will always be and He is still seated at the right hand of Power. Isaac Newton and Mohammed and the rest of them ALL have to answer to Jesus in the end, not the other way around.

    5. @SKhan No one is asking anyone to pray to more than one God. I think you may have misunderstood something somewhere.

      The point is, there is a prevailing problem in the earth. This problem is called sin. Sin is an eternal crime committed against an eternal God by mortal, finite man.

      No mere mortal can do anything to erase the stain of sin from themselves even if they spent every waking hour doing good deeds. Only One Person in all of human history could and loved you enough to do something to resolve this predicament and that is Jesus the Christ. Mohammed himself confessed in the Q’uran that he could do nothing for you; however Christ shows us that love is not merely an emotion. Love is an action, it is a verb. Love does something for others to improve their situation and Love came to earth in the form of Jesus, the God-man to demonstrate how much the true and living God really loves you and cares about your soul.

      Jesus is God come in the flesh to demonstrate the qualities of the invisible God. He is the fullness of the God of all creation in the flesh. He came to seek and save us from the penalty of the sins we committed against a completely Holy God; therefore He is the only One worthy of being praised, worshipped and adored.

      No one else in all of history has been able to do one thing to solve the sin problem, but Jesus has, what He did secured our freedom…

      • Greetings Chachi,
        Where in the Bible does it say this?
        “Jesus is God come in the flesh to demonstrate the qualities of the invisible God. He is the fullness of the God of all creation in the flesh. He came to seek and save us from the penalty of the sins we committed against a completely Holy God; therefore He is the only One worthy of being praised, worshipped and adored.”

    6. Am sure you know there are more christains in the world than any other religions, the bible is the biggest selling book in the world and Jesus never lifted the sword nor killed a single soul to make people accept him nor the religion he brought

    7. Jesus said:

      “I tell you the truth, no servant is greater than his master, nor is a messenger greater than the one who sent him” (John 13:16)
      ( John 20:21), (John 17:5) (Mathew 5:17-18), (Luke 6:32-36), (Mark 12:28-34)

    8. Dear my freind when u say that after doing a sin come Jesus and love him to seek salvation , it feels a 3rd party has the right to forgive u for a sin done to 2nd party. That’s why Muhammad SAW said that God himself also hasn’t taken up the deceision of forgiving a human when the sin is done to someone. See hw logical it is that God loves and given so much right to all his creations. Don’t u think it sounds more logical. That’s why Muhammad SAW said in Quran he could do nothing for you unless u do it for yourself. For exmple : Nobody can guarranty to establish u as a Scientist if u don’t try and become successful in inventing something.

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