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Hawa Abdi Center for displaced Somalis

Pray for Khoja of East Africa

The Shia branch of Islam that we have been praying for has other sects. One of these is the Khoja Ithna Asharis. Ithna Ashari means “twelver” a term that refers to the belief that twelve male descendants…

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Pray for N’Djaména, Chad

N’Djaména is the capital of Chad, one of the poorest countries in the world and it is the only urban centre in the nation. A swelteringly hot city or the border of Cameroon, N’Djaména boasts of a…

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UNOCHA USG Visit to Somalia

Pray for Somalia

“Iska warran?” is the standard greeting among both close friends and acquaintances in Somalia which means, “Tell me what is new with you.” Somalis do not consider one another as strangers even if they never met before.…

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Pray for the Ahmadi of Ghana

The Ahmadiyya Movement was first established in the Punjab state of India by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (1839-1908) who declared himself as the promised Messiah and Mahdi – the Islamic reformer. Ghulam refuted Christian, Hindu and traditional…

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The Wolof People

Day 7 – Wolof People of West Africa The homeland of the Wolof people is in West Africa – primarily Senegal and Gambia – just south of the Sahara Desert. Many live in rural, semi-desert bushland where…

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