A Muslim Maninke Man Holds His Child In Guinea Bissau.

Day 15 – Pray for Guinea, West Africa

The Republic of Guinea on the west coast of Africa is 85% Muslim. Before they claimed independence in 1958 the nation was known as French Guinea, although the French who colonised the nation had little influence on the spread of Islam here. The capital, Conakry, boasts the largest mosque in West Africa, the Grand Mosque, which can hold 10,000 worshippers.

Guinea. Equatorial Guinea. Guinea-Bissau. Why so many guineas? As colonisers carved up the African continent, many European nations controlled their own Guinea. At independence, French Guinea became Guinea, Spanish Guinea became Equatorial Guinea, and Portuguese Guinea became Guinea-Bissau.

– TheEconomist.com

In February 2021, southeastern Guinea had an outbreak of Ebola virus. Ebola is a virus that spreads from wild animals to humans and then spreads among humans, causing severe illness and death. Ebola has a very high fatality rate – up to 90% in some outbreaks. In 2013, an outbreak that began in the same area of Guinea lasted for three years and spread around West Africa, killing over 11,000 people.

However, when the 2021 outbreak began in Guinea, health authorities responded very quickly, using what they had learned from the previous outbreak in this region. As a result of swift action and cooperation among healthcare workers they were able to contain the outbreak, with 16 cases resulting in only 12 deaths over a period of four months.

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The majority of the population of Guinea is Muslim (85%). However, there are also significant Christian and animist minorities. Both Muslims and Christians will often incorporate traditional, indigenous pagan rituals into their religious practices.

How to Pray

  • Ebola is not the only health concern in Guinea. Pray for development in health care in this nation and for the ongoing work into disease prevention and treatment.
  • Pray for Christians in Guinea to be well discipled, mature and effective in sharing the love of Christ.
  • Pray for Muslims in Guinea to encounter Jesus and follow Him.
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