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Pray for Hamburg, Germany

Karim, a young man from Pakistan is waiting for me at the door of the ‘Fazle-Omar-Mosque’ in Hamburg, Germany. It is the oldest mosque in the city, opened in 1957. He shows me around and explains to me…

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Pray for Berlin, Germany

As Bernd rides the subway home, he thinks about meeting his friend Murat. Murat is Yemeni Arab who came to Berlin as a businessman. After setting up a successful trade in ethnic jewelry, he was able to…

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Photo by Kay Vogel - Pixabay

Chechens in Berlin

Day 14 – Chechens in Berlin Aslan grew up at the edge of a small Chechen city in the Caucasus mountains. He loved the beautiful, remote mountains, which, for him, represented both freedom and strength. After the…

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