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Pray for Berlin, Germany

As Bernd rides the subway home, he thinks about meeting his friend Murat. Murat is Yemeni Arab who came to Berlin as a businessman. After setting up a successful trade in ethnic jewelry, he was able to invest in an entire building. Murat turned part of the building into a popular Arabic restaurant and in the other part of the building, he has set up a mosque, decorated in traditional Yemeni style.

About 200 men come for the midday prayer on Friday, filling the room. Bernd is impressed by Murat’s commitment to be a good Muslim, even sacrificing space in his business. Bernd has been to Murat’s mosque many times. Murat, as head of the mosque, has assured Bernd, “The doors are always open for you. You are no stranger here.”

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Together the two men sit on the floor of the mosque. First, they talk about their families, then Bernd tells Murat a story from the Bible. Murat knows the Quran very well, but he finds the stories from the Old Testament very interesting. Bernd learns a lot about Islam from Murat as well.

Bernd hopes to move from telling Old Testament stories, to sharing stories of Jesus. He prays with Murat, for his family and business, finishing his prayers by stroking his hands over his face, in the same way Muslims do and is cordially invited to return.

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How to Pray

  • There are 50 unreached Muslim ethnic groups in Berlin. Pray for them to hear the good news of Christ and for fellowships of believers to start. (Isaiah 56:6-7)
  • Pray for the Church in Germany to be a blessing to their Muslim neighbours and share their faith, like Bernd. (John 3:1-15)
  • Pray for the Yemenis in Berlin, to hear the gospel and share it among their networks in Yemen, where it is harder to reach. (Romans 10:14)

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Top Photo by Michael Coghlan via Flickr CC

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