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Glossary of Islamic Terms

This Islamic Glossary was compiled from both Shiite and Sunni Muslim branches. It is an interesting reference and gives ideas into culture and thinking, not just the learning of new words. Where two words are repeated, one is from the Shiite glossary, the other the Sunni glossary. The 30-Days Editors
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Glossary of Christian Terms

This glossary relates to Bible words and sometimes come with a biblical reference to explain more. Unlike some glossaries, most of the words in our glossary are in English. Some cultural words about Christianity have been added. The 30-Days International Editors
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Arafat Day

The 9th day of the month of Dhu'l-Hijjah marks a significant day for Muslims, yet it is a day not so well known or talked about. The day is the Day of Arafat
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