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Pray for the Shabak of Iraq

Hassan has invited his friends for sugar biscuits and sweet tea. But the mood is tense. “The Arabs have driven us out, the Kurds have abandoned us. Who are we supposed to trust anymore?” he asks. Hassan…

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Pray for the Marsh Arabs of Iraq

Maneuvering his boat with a pole through the canals in the marshes, Abdul makes his way to a secluded hut made of reeds on the water, where his family will eat the fish he caught earlier. Abdul is…

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Photo by Thomas Koch | Courtesy of Shutterstock

Shias of Iraq

Day 18 – Shias of Iraq On the tenth day of the first month of the Islamic calendar, Shia Muslims commemorate the death of one of their most revered figures, the grandson of the prophet Mohammed. Hussein…

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Iraq – From Empire to Chaos

DAY 9 – JUNE 14TH, 2016 Iraq – From Empire to Chaos  The area around present-day Iraq was very important in the time before Christ, where we read in the Old Testament about Ninevah and Babylon. Baghdad has…

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