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Ali, Hassan and Hussein

How Islam Split – Ali, Hassan and Hussein


Born in about AD 600 – died January AD 661
Ali was the cousin, adopted son and son-in-law of Mohammed. He married Mohammed’s daughter Fatimah in AD 624. His name means “exalted, noble.” He reigned over the Muslim empire as Caliph from AD 656 to 661. Shi’a (Shiite) Muslims regard Ali as the first true infallible Imam and consider he and his descendants (Hassan and Hussein) as the rightful successors to Mohammed.

Disagreement over succession eventually split Islam into the Sunni and Shi’a branches. Ali encountered opposition and civil war during his reign. At about age 60 Ali suffered an assassination attempt while praying in the mosque of Kufa in Iraq – he died soon afterwards. The main mosque of Najaf, Iraq is supposedly his final burial place and has become a major Shi’a shrine dedicated to his memory.


Born in March AD 625 died March AD 670
Hassan (Hasan) was the grandson of Mohammed and the son of Ali and Mohammed’s daughter Fatima. His name means “handsome one.” Hassan’s succession to the Caliphate was contested and eventually he conceded in order to avoid bloodshed. He retired to a quiet life in Medina till he died, poisoned by his wife, many years later. He is regarded by all Muslims as a martyr.


Born January AD 626 at Medina, died October AD 680 at Karbala, Iraq
Hussein was the second grandson of Mohammed through Fatima. His name means little Hassan, “the little handsome one.” Hussein, son of Ali, is revered as a martyr, having died in a struggle for the Caliphate. The anniversary of his martyrdom is called “Ashura,” which is a day of mourning and religious observance especially for Shi’a Muslims. Hussein’s death was significant because it launched the Shi’a movement which is so prominent today in Iraq and Iran; they believe that Hussein should have been Caliph.

Prayer Ideas:

  • There are literally millions of Muslim men around the world who are named Ali, Hassan and Hussein. Pray for them to encounter the living Messiah (Acts 7:56 and 9:1-5).
  • Millions of Iranians and Iraqis commemorate the memory of Hussein’s death each year. Sometimes as many as 7-8 million pilgrims visit Karbala during that time. Many Shi’a men will cut and flail themselves, shedding blood in the memory of Hussein. A popular Shi’a saying tells us, “a single tear shed for Hussein washes away a hundred sins.” Pray that Shi’as of Iraq and Iran could see the value of the blood of Jesus (1 Peter 1:18-19).

Definition: The Caliph is the title for the leader of the Islamic Ummah, the worldwide Islamic community or nation which should ideally be ruled by the religious law, the Shari’ah. The word is derived from the Arabic word which means “successor” or “representative.” The early Caliphs in particular were seen as Mohammed’s successors.

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  1. hava- if you don’t believe in Gods word you wil believe anything. You must have faith to believe in the God of Abraham.
    John 14:6 “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”
    Proof that God came to Earth in the form of man (Jesus) to die for our sins. He arose on the third day from that cross, Alive and is still alive today. Jesus is our salvation and is the King of Kings.

    • Hi Ben thanks for your comment In Islaam we hold dear to our heart’s Jesus the son of Mary and the true message He was indeed sent with to the lost sheep of Israel Jesus himself was an Israelite of the tribe of Levi on his Mothers side, His step father Joseph was from the tribe of Judah, the High Priest’s where always Levites the only one’s sanctioned to be allowed to enter the Holy of Holies in the temple and recite the whole Torah the first 4 books of the Bible to the other tribes of Israel…

      The physical image of man is not the Same as that of Man’s Creator the honoured one the Holy One as no one has ever seen the Creator and nothing out of His creation including man is comparable to His Majesty the most High one, Our creator neither begets nor was He begotten having no partners or mother or father for He is One the Infinite and we cannot escape His surrounding of all things the ever watchful eternal presence, only in resemblance by way of certain characteristics and attributes such as free will which gives man the ability as our Creator the marvellous the glorious one to be able to decide things or choose between two answers that are opposing such as to love something or hate something, also we are able to believe what is right or wrong and also we have the choice to do and say what is good or evil, and expression such as being delighted and outraged etc…

      Obviously being a believer in our Creator The Most High we cannot and will not ever accept that any Man or woman could ever be God or a physical child of God though our Creator is certainly capable of anything and everything but the truth be known this was never sanctioned or done or will ever be done because our Creator is one alone unique who is unseen and will remain like that until the day of Judge to come. And this is the absolute truth 100%.

      So our Creator has not and will not take the form or shape of any man His shape and form has never been seen by anyone and that include his Angels or the Jinns of which the Devil is of those who fell from grace, especially with a man of righteousness to His Lord the Most High such as Jesus the Messiah son of Mary the blessed virgin, who rightly so had no physical father but this is nothing new for our Creator the most high to do as this was done before but even more miraculously with our ancestral Mother and Father Adam and Eve who had know mother or father surely this makes you realise now our Creator Most High is separate from His creation but is the loving and kind and compassionate one you know and you also know that Jesus prayed to directly and loved dearly as we do our Creator who gave us life may it please our Creator Most High be well pleased with Jesus and His Mother forever, Jesus was a man who slept he would eat food and the rest of things we do but yes He was gifted and performed miracles in the name of God He was indeed a sincere servant messenger and prophet of the most high saying the lord thy God is one god alone who has no partner contract not to created things in the heavens or on earth… I refer you to the greatest commandment for clarity all Muslims stand by this law literally… and below is other things you may need to consider.

      unfortunately the early Christian faith was hijacked by the Satanic Roman Empire and partly merged with there belief system called ReLigion which is a contract made in oath to the worship of many false gods actually and they received help in doing that with aiding of some wicked Jews who hated the Messiah Jesus son of Mary the blessed virgin, Paul originally Saul a Roman citizen of Jewish heritage was one such obvious agent which the Christianity of today has evolved itself around, sorry to tell you this but it’s actually true and upon your own research in searching for the truth you will find what I have said here to absolutely 100% true, the cross itself is an incantation made up from a vision the byzantine Emperor Constantine had so he is recorded to of had before his army would fight against Maxentius (Constantine was the then Eastern Roman Empires Emperor who’s capital was named after him called Constantinople which is now called Istanbul in modern day Turkey much of Christian heritage historically is embedded in Turkey from the seven churches mentioned in revelations to Nicaea where much of the bible was changed to it unreckonable state we have in now unfortunately) anyway the cross Constantine famously said ‘conqueror by this’.
      You can read this in full here;

      So much of what you have today in your Christian Bible especially in the four gospels has been changed over the years some things added and other things taken away I refer you to the council of Nicaea 325 years after Jesus son of Mary and this is very well documented… where is the actual Gospel of Jesus as Jesus Himself was not Illiterate he could read and write and what of the other disciples of Jesus why have they been left out of the Bible you should be asking yourself many churches where built on ancient sites of previous pagan import… there is way more to learn Ben knowing one is guided by our Creator is not the same as one who blindly follows thinking they are following what the Messenger said these are two distinguishable different separate things from each other but as us all we build upon what we know is sure without doubt the truth from our Creator and not something made up in our own minds or that other including the deception of the Rebellious Devil, Our Creator pull out of darkness who He so wills and leaves to stray who He wills because our Creator knows what our Hearts reveal and conceal each truth you discover you also discover if it’s right or wrong if its good or bad and acceptable or unacceptable the choice is our struggle the victory belongs to our Creator as a right and you are following as Jesus said himself Truly only the truth will set you free.

      Remember this Ben when any information comes to you must check to see if it is loveable or is it hateful is it right or is it wrong is it good or is it evil to know whether one should accept it or should one reject it, so whatever our Creator tells us we must accept it and not reject it anything else we must investigate it by using our metaphysical souls mind to think this thinking process depends on the information we already possess within our hearts memory, such things that we have accepted and other things we have rejected and these things tell our souls if they are good or evil right or wrong if they are acceptable or unacceptable or either loveable or hateful if we don’t think for ourselves then to our souls everything is just great and all is okay I’m sure you know these types, so when the Messengers were ever sent with new revelation these revelations where to teach the listeners by way of examples through words and actions the interpretation explanation with expression the revelation or message of God they where sent with and each successive prophet sent by the Most High the believers would have to follow next one… my last advice to you ben is for you own sake take time to read the Quran with an open heart and push aside all negativity and be prepared to be completely surprised you have a right to know this so read in the Name of your Lord The Creator Most High Most Wise. Ameen.

      Forgive me for any mistakes…. I pray Allaah guides the sincere believers to paradise with the greatest of Companions, Ameen.

  2. Peace be upon you. Very good website. Muslims do believe in Prophet Jesus(peace be upon him)and have utmost respect for him.He is mentioned in the Holy Quran many times and his beloved mother, Mary(peace be upon her)even has a chapter in her name.This proves how much respect Islam has for them both.Muslims believe in all Law-Bearing Prophets.The second coming of the Messiah has already come! look it up on where your questions will be answered, God Willing. Peace be with you.

  3. Muslims already deeply believe in and respect Jesus more than any other religion does. He is a brother in Islam–submitting to the One Creator. One who submits is a Muslim. Truly Jesus is a pure example.

  4. hi
    al muslim brothers
    peace be unto you in the name of Yahweh
    the true name of the true God is yahweh it was revealed to me a few months back when i put forth a question to God that who is the true God
    then God asked me to learn Hebrew and i wondered why then as i started learning hebrew i found that every letter means something with a definite numerical value so it dawned upon me then
    Y in hebrew means yod which is hand
    H in hebrew is Heh which means to see or behold
    V means a nail
    H again means to see

    so the true God is YHVH which means see the nail see the hand

    the crucified christ is the true God which was said to Abraham and Enosh much before Allah was told about to Mohammed

    Praise Yehoshua !!!

  5. Forgive the wording, can someone tell me , how many prophets have been killed/ murdered and why.
    If the reply can be in simple words, that would be appreciated.

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