Questions Muslims have about Christianity

When sharing with your Muslim friends, they may have a few common questions or objections which form the basis of their belief about the Christian faith. Christians need to know about these objections and concerns and help our Muslim brothers and sisters come to a greater understanding.

1. The Bible

Muslims often believe that the Bible has been altered and corrupted. They may deny its authority because they see it as not being authentic.

2. The Trinity

Many Muslims believe that the Holy Trinity implies a belief in three gods. Many Muslims believe that the Christian Trinity is made up of the Father, Mary (the virgin) and the Son (Jesus).

3. The divinity of Jesus

They believe it is blasphemy to affirm the divinity of Jesus and to give Him the title “Son of God”. Many believe this implies that God had sexual relations with Mary and that a son was born physically through this relationship. (Obviously, this idea is also blasphemous to Christians!)

4. The cross

Muslims believe it is impossible that God would allow His prophet Jesus to die on the cross. For Muslims, the cross is scandalous. One should not speak of the cross without speaking of the resurrection. Christ was victorious over sin, death and the devil.

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5. Knowing God

Muslims believe that God is the God of Abraham, but also that God will not allow people to draw near to Himself or know Him in the Christian sense.

6. Christians are deceived

Muslims often believe that Christians are deceived and that they have an obligation to lead them to the truth of Islam. For many Muslims, the word “Christian” signifies materialism, a lack of spirituality and moral failure. Because of this they reject many things that come from Western society and which they consider perverted. For Muslims, alcohol consumption, pornography, a liberal lifestyle and a lack of religious practice are sure signs of the failure of Western countries. Muslims associate Christianity with Western culture.

On the other hand, many Muslims do not practice their own religion. They find themselves torn between Islam and Western culture. The relationships between Muslims and Westerners are often very tense. Each has attitudes of suspicion, rejection and feelings of injustice toward the other. In many situations this leads to hatred.

The differences between the two cultures are the cause of many problems and misunderstandings. May God cause Christians to become people who make peace (Matt 5:9).

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