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Responding in Love

It is often said that Muslims are hard to reach with the Gospel. For religious, cultural and spiritual reasons this is can seem like reality. However, the Bible tells us that nothing is impossible for God (Mt. 19:26).

Is our attitude one of love?

Faith is important but do I also love Muslims? What is my most profound reaction when I meet them, when I see them on television? How would I react if a man in Muslim clothing came to my church? How would I react if a new believer from a Muslim background wanted to marry into my family? Would I be willing to give a thousand dollars so someone could proclaim the Gospel among Muslims? Would I be willing to sit and eat with a Muslim in a crowded restaurant? Have I been involved in criticizing them without knowing them? Am I fearful of Muslims? Is my main attitude toward them one of mistrust? Am I able to do as Jesus says, “You shall love your neighbour as yourself”? Is this my desire, is this my goal?

What does our faith say about our attitude towards Muslims?

What image springs to the mind of most Christians when they think about Muslims? The Twin towers? Osama bin Laden? If so, this is a problem.

Are we called to defend “Christian civilisation” or are we willing to lay down our lives in love for Muslims and share with them the Good News of Jesus? Are we interested in self-preservation or self-giving for the Gospel? Joseph believes that the Christian faith is primarily costly discipleship to Jesus Christ the Crucified. What do we believe? (See 1 Peter 3:15, Mark 8:34-35, Mt. 5:39 and 44.)*

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In the words of Floyd McClung, there is a life-giving way to think and act concerning Islam and Muslims:

Radical Prayer – Pray with love and faith for Muslims to experience the mercy and grace of God.
Persevering Faith – Believe God to raise up committed, trained believers to take God’s message to Muslims and establish new groups of believers.
Extreme Sacrifice – Muslims, like anyone else on earth, respond to sacrificial love.

Rather than responding in fear or disdain toward Muslims, we should respond in the opposite spirit, in an attitude of Christ-like love. The 30 Days prayer movement shares this belief.

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