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Secret Believers

The cost of following Jesus

For any Muslim, becoming a disciple of Jesus is not about changing religion. In followind Jesis, the person often pays an incredible cost. The consequences of this choice are serious: new believers may be rejected by other Muslims, their family, and suffer social or work-related consequences.

In some places, a Muslim following Jesus could lose their inheritance, their employment, their lodging, and more. They might even face death threats, lose their job or their life.

In many cases, followers of Jesus are obliged to live their new faith in secret because of the fear of persecution. They become “secret believers” for a period of time. Many are isolated, and it is very difficult for them to persevere in their faith. The new believer needs a new identity.

In Islamic countries new follower of Jesus from a Muslim background can experience very dramatic situations. According to Islamic law, it is forbidden for a Muslim to change religion. In more conservative Muslim nations like Saudi Arabia, Iran, the Maldive Islands, Afghanistan and Yemen people can be subject to the death penalty if it is discovered that they have changed religion.

How to Pray

  • Pray for the secret believers who are even now facing the possibility of death. May God protect them.
  • Pray for their families that they also may be attracted to the light of Christ. Pray that there would be a change of mentality so that Muslims can accept believers in the Messiah as honourable members of society.
  • Pray that the situation of the secret believers would be better known and that believers all over the world could give them help.
  • Explain to your children about the freedom you have and ask them to pray for a secret person.
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For more information see the web site Secret Believers.

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