Abdullah and Amina

Mohammed’s parents Abdullah and Amina

Kaaba in Mecca

Relatively little is known of the lives of Mohammed’s parents. The father of Mohammed, Abdullah, lived from AD 545-570. His full name was Abd Allah ibn Abd al Muttalib. Allah is the word for “God” in Arabic. Abd Allah means “servant or slave of God.” Abdullah died six months before Mohammed was born. It is not known when Amina, the mother of Mohammed, was born. Her name means “trustworthy or faithful.” It is said that Amina took Mohammed to visit his maternal uncles of the an-Najjar tribe in Medina. On her way back to Mecca she died when Mohammed was just six years old, leaving him an orphan. Mohammed went to live with his grandfather and then with an uncle.

Prayer Starters:

  • Pray for the millions of living Abdullahs and Aminas around the world, that they would discover the the Messiah.
  • Pray that the Abdullahs could discover real freedom as servants of God’s anointed King, Jesus.
  • Pray for each woman named Amina, that she might discover that Jesus is the most trustworthy one.
  • As you pray with your family today, remember to pray for and bless the whole family.

Mohammed’s Family Tree

Notes: Muslims generally believe that Mohammed is a descendant of Abraham and Ishmael. His grandfather was the guardian of the Kaaba in Mecca (photos above). Mohammed had more than ten wives and concubines after Khadijah’s death (without any other natural offspring). Three other “daughters” lived in Khadijah’s household with Mohammed. Apparently they were from a previous marriage of Khadijah or possibly they were her sister’s children. It is impossible to be certain.

Testimony from Indonesia

Jesus in the workplace: Ahmed

Jesus promised, “Where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them” (Mt 18:20). Many Muslim seekers and believers in Jesus are indeed experiencing His presence as they gather in homes in His name. We learned recently from our friend and worker “Jasmine” that Jesus is present also in the workplace, in fields and farmers’ markets! “Ahmad” is a believer in Jesus who was baptised a few months ago (in the cement water holding tub of a cramped bathroom!). Sometimes he works on construction projects or in the fields when the land owner needs an extra hired hand. In recent months, Ahmad has had free time to visit rice fields near his home. There amidst the rice sheaves he has befriended two day-workers, inviting them to share personal stories and to pray with him. He reads aloud to them from photocopied texts of Scripture and offers explanation. Early in his acquaintance with these two men, Ahmad explained why he prays in the name of Jesus the Messiah. Now the three meet in Jesus’ name regularly. Jesus is with Ahmad as he visits those fields, for Jesus himself promised His disciples, “I am with you always.”

Editor’s note:

In our prayer materials there are a number of testimonies from new believers who have suffered rejection and even significant persecution from their families and government authorities. Like people everywhere, Muslims are generally hospitable and decent people. They do not particularly like violence or being harsh. Muslims can be motivated by a sincere desire to turn their loved ones back to what they perceive as being the right path: Islam. In order to do this they will often bring significant pressures to bear on people who have left or who are seeking to leave the Islamic religion, even threatening them with death. In publishing these stories we are not wanting to criticise or judge the heart motives of Muslims. We simply want to tell how God has worked in the lives of many. May God help us all to walk in His ways.

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  1. Welcome! I invite you all to The One Most-Loving, Most-Merciful God!

    No father will wantonly allow his child to be killed especially when he is powerful enough to stop it. Eli, Eli,Sabachtaani, wailed Jesus on the cross, yet, ‘his father’ God himself chose to have his sweet, innocent son crucified for others’ sake. Please stop a minute an reflect on this.
    Would YOU sit & watch your little child being crucified?

    No, I’m sure you won’t. God is Most Merciful, Most Benevolent, in His infinite mercy & Love, He protect Jesus from any infamy (only thieves were crucified on crosses). God lifted Jesus unto Himself and protected him for posterity. Amen!

    I LOVE JESUS. DO YOU? Save his pure name from such deceit. Do not make a jest of Your Lord by making him a murderer (witnessing his ‘only son’s’ death, even when Jesus begged for help).


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