Dreams and Visions of Jesus

They are having Dreams and Visions of Jesus

Seeking answers, Khalid asked people who were well informed about the Qur’an to get more understanding. But as a good Muslim, his heart did not find any rest. One day Khalid paid a visit to one of his childhood friends. In his friend’s home he found a book which he thought was a commentary on the Qur’an. However as he read the book his heart started to beat stronger and stronger because in the book he was finding the answers to many of his questions. That same night he had a dream in which he saw the words “I am the God that you are looking for, I am the truth”. The following night he had the same dream. The next day Khalid’s heart was very troubled so he went to see his friend and told him about the dreams. Then his friend explained that it was probably the God of the Bible who had revealed Himself to him through the dream and he invited him to pray to that God.

Khalid was then secretly welcomed into an assembly of believers. This is not always the case. New believers from a Muslim background often have difficulties being accepted by local assemblies. Some groups of believers fear that they will suffer persecution if they help a Muslim background believer. Having been rejected by their own family, these new believers need to find new “brothers and sisters.” For more information see the web site: www.secretbelievers.org/

Prayer Starters:

  • Pray for the secret believers who ask for help from local churches and do not find it, that they will continue to hope in Christ.
  • Pray for the leaders of believing communities in Muslim countries. They are subject to varied and serious pressures.
  • Pray for local assemblies – that they would be willing to take the risk of helping new believers and that their communities could become real sources of refuge for those who are discovering new life in Christ.

Testimony from West Africa

My name is Abdou. Like practically all people in my tribe in Togo I was raised as a Muslim. Having been given a basic understanding of the Qur’an, I was not very regular at normal prayer times at the mosque, however, I really loved God. Even at a very young age my lack of mosque attendance and my lack of rigor in keeping Islamic practices caused me to have problems with my father. However, at school I was a good student.

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At age 19 I encountered my first real problems at school. My difficulties were apparently caused by hidden spiritual forces so as a good Muslim, I decided to seek help from God.

I even started reading some books about Jesus and I attended some Christian meetings with a friend in secret. When my father discovered this he forced me to leave home and relationships with my family deteriorated. My father disinherited me and told me not to come to his funeral. Happily some believers in the Messiah gave me help.

After several years of struggles and failure to receive my high school diploma, I finally succeeded and I was even able to enter university. Some believers have accepted me into their home. We live very simply and I continue to grow in my relationship with Jesus.

    You should pray for Abdou and others like him in Togo.

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