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Pray for New Believers

My name is Fatima. I was born in Morocco but my origins are Berber. My parents raised me, along with my 11 siblings, as Muslims. I celebrated Ramadan every year and I prayed every day with my father.

My parents argued frequently, each year becoming more violent. I prayed for peace in our home for years with no answer and finally I gave an ultimatum to Allah. “I’m going to pray three times and if you don’t show up in front of me, I won’t believe in you anymore.” Nothing happened… until later that night I had a dream.

In my dream I was climbing a mountain and receiving encouragement to keep going. At the top of the mountain, I met a man dressed in white, beaming with kindness. He was surrounded by happy people, filled with peace. I would have liked to stay there forever.

I told my family about my dream but they dismissed it. So I kept it in my heart and hoped to find out who the man in my dream was.


My life was dull and aimless. But then a couple came to live in our building who spoke to me about the love of God in Jesus Christ. They invited me to a gospel meeting where I felt the presence of God. I started to read the Bible in secret to find out who Jesus was. And then I realized that Jesus was the man in my dream! I cried out to God to release me from my suffering and receive his peace.

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In my new life, I have joy and peace and I pray for my family to come to know Jesus too.

How to Pray

  • Continue praying throughout the year for Muslims to have dreams and visions of Jesus.
  • Pray for Muslims who are seeking to meet Christians who can share the Gospel with them.
  • Pray for Muslim background believers to be faithful witnesses to their families.
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