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God’s Message By Radio

Testimony: I am involved in Christian radio broadcasting to many Muslim countries. Sometimes the audience has the possibility to SMS, phone or write to ask for literature. However, mail packages containing Bibles are often stopped by the religious security authorities in various countries. Recently I phoned two people in remote areas of my country where I was not legally allowed to travel. I invited these two listeners to come to me instead so we wouldn’t be watched.

The meeting with the first person was very short. He was glad to have found me. He took a Bible, however, he was also very nervous and said goodbye almost immediately. We agreed that he will contact me again if he needs additional literature or has questions.

The second person came under the protection of darkness after a four hour bike ride. He spoke enthusiastically about the radio broadcasts. He said that he wanted to study the Christian faith deeply (and honestly it seemed to me), so I gave him not only a Bible and study materials, but also the Jesus Film and other Gospel films. We agreed to stay in touch. A few months after our initial meeting, I met again with the second man. He asked for more books written by believers and videos. I was able to give him these things plus testimonies of Muslims who had encountered the Messiah. Unfortunately we had no time for a personal conversation. Is he a believer or still a seeker? I was unable to find out … this time.

Prayer Starters:

  • May the Holy Spirit guide during telephone conversations and meetings with interested radio listeners. Pray for divine rendezvous (Acts 8:26-31).
  • Pray that interested listeners, despite the watchful eyes of authorities, can receive Bibles, DVDs and other helpful material.
  • Pray with your family for the family members of seekers who could be opposed to listening to Gospel radio and receiving Bible materials.

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