Does God Answer our Prayers?

Here are some testimonies how God indeed answers our prayers!

Angel meets Iranian

An Iranian women from Germany was met by an angel in a dream. After that she now wants to know more from the Christian faith and is in contact with a cell group from a church.

Answers in Berlin

In Berlin, Germany, a cell group with former Muslims (3-4 converts who came to Christ after the last Ramadan), during this Ramadan experienced members returning after a long absence, with a “new fire” for the Lord.

Answers in North Africa

From North Africa the first known person from the Saharawi people has recently converted to Christ.

Christian Radio to Muslims

In a letter just received from HCJB World Radio, in the last 12 months there has been increased response to gospel broadcasts, and reports of clear reception where reception was previously only fair. HCJB goes on to say that they have recently seen miraculous open doors with government permits, finances and missionary staff. In the Middle East there is an increased focus and enthusiasm for providing radio for Muslim countries.

Missionaries to Muslims

According to Frontiers, the numbers of missionaries to Muslims has now doubled. Just in the last few years the number of missionaries has increased from a mere 1,000 to over 2,000 missionaries among the 1.1 billion Muslims.

Moroccan Women finds real joy

In a letter received from Morocco, a Christian women writes; “My joy is so big that I have taken the decision to write to you to share it. I have received the gift that every Christian hopes to receive and that I have prayed for such a long time. It was before dawn on Friday during Ramadan and as I set about my usual Ramadan prayers I began to pray something unusual. I prayed, ‘O God, make of my spirit a reservoir of your ideas. Use my mouth and lips to announce your salvation. Use my feet to go where you want. Amen.’ As I had almost finished these words I felt an unexplainable feeling, a joy that I cannot describe. I gave thanks to God for almost two hours. I now know that I have found God and he has filled me in His Holy Spirit to a wonderful fullness. I now know that only He saves!” (translated from French)

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From the Middle East

This was our first time to use 30-days while actually living in a Muslim country. We can view a couple of dozen mosques from our rooftop, and you can imagine the sound during prayer calls! I am often awakend by the predawn call to prayer at the mosque less than a hundred yards from our bedroom, but as I lay listening to the lonely and echoing sound in the early morning darkness, I was encouraged that Christians across the globe were praying to a God who not only hears their prayers, but answers them.

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