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Muslims and the Spirit World

The spirit world and Islam

Muslims worldwide are often afraid of evil coming from the spirit world. This fear is a source of profound unspoken anxiety for many. Islam has a complex and multifaceted set of beliefs about the invisible forces at work around us. Theses beliefs also vary greatly from one region and one people to another. Muslims not only believe in the existence of angels but also in Jinn (Djinn), who also populate this world.

Jinn, Muslims believe, are very similar to humans: they have their own social organization and activities, yet they can also change their appearance and become visible or invisible at will. Most Muslim theologians believe that Shaitan (Satan, also called Iblis) belongs to the Jinn. These beings were supposedly created just before the creation of mankind. They do both good and evil. The term “Jinn” is related to the English word “genie” known through Arabian folk stories.

How to Pray

  • Pray that Muslims would experience Jesus’ saving ability to deliver them from the powers of darkness. May believers be more able to help Muslims in this realm.
  • Pray for Muslims you know and others using the following texts: Matthew 8:16, 10:1 and Acts 5:16, 8:17
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One comment

  1. Christians at first were true to their creator, but shaytan took control of their church and falsely raised Jesus, peace be upon him, to a level of divinity and they worshipped him making him equal with God(Allah). This in fact breaks the first commandment of God given to Moses, peace be upon him. Only God(Allah) alone shall be worshipped and any other form of worship for any other beings equals to worship of shaytan(satan). Therefore Christians of today belong to a satanic cult because they worship shaytan instead of God(Allah). They are therefore led astray towards the gates of hell. They have denied the teachings of Jesus, peace be upon him, where he always referred to himself as the son of man which is the old English term meaning “human” and he only taught to worship and pray to God and to God alone. Never once in the bible does he say to pray to him. Therefore Jesus, peace be upon him, is a true Muslim prophet born of the Virgin Mary by God’s grace, all glory be to Him. Save yourselves and turn to Islam. Embrace the truth. Unite. Read the Quran and do not make your efforts futile by continuing to worship God’s creation, for Jesus, peace be upon him, was created by God. Jesus, peace be upon him, will never receive those who pray to him or worship him but instead will say that he never knew them. He never died on the cross but he was raised up to heaven. The only way to God is through God alone. He has no partners, no equals, no sons or daughters, He is all-supreme, all-encompassing, all-powerful, all-merciful and all-forgiving, only He can forgive you of your sins. Do not fall for satan’s traps, he has pulled the wool over your eyes. Pray to God alone and ask Him to guide you to the truth that shall set you free. Have courage and cultivate true faith.
    Asalaam Aleikum and welcome to Islam. Worship only God(Allah), all glory be to Him.

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