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Pray for Muslim Women

In theory, Islam gives women more rights than some of those who practice it. The Quran is clear that men and women are equal in the eyes of God and lays out instructions regarding the protection of women. (Quran 4:1, 49:13)

In reality, many cultures where Islam is dominant have traditional cultural practices which are not reflective of these teachings in the Quran. Muslim women, like all women, face inequalities in education, work, health care and family roles. But Muslim women around the world are changing the world around them. Recognising their own value and skills, and organising themselves to work together, women in Muslim nations are rising as influencers, leaders and innovators around the world.

Pakistan, an Islamic nation which is no stranger to female political leaders, appointed five women to key cabinet positions last year.

Saudi Arabia, which is particularly slow to change in this regard, has made small strides towards equality for women, recently allowing women to be in public spaces such as cafes and sports arenas with men. Women have also acquired the right to live and travel alone, without the permission of a male guardian. The number of women working outside the home in Saudi Arabia has doubled in the last five years.

Women at the market in Accra Ghana | Photo byErin Johnson via Flickr (Creative Commons)

Muslim women are being more widely represented in the arts, notably with the first Muslim female superhero introduced into the popular Marvel movie series. And in sport, some Muslim women are creating ways to compete at high levels even while wearing hijab.

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Alongside these encouraging signs, let’s keep praying for Muslim women to progress, develop and grow in their understanding of the Good News of Jesus.

How to Pray

  • Pray for Muslim women to continue to have the opportunity to thrive and be safe and happy.
  • Pray for Muslim women in positions of influence to be strong, safe and successful in addressing inequality and injustice.
  • Pray for Muslim women to be blessed and have opportunity to hear the message of Jesus and follow Him.
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